Lift Every Voice and Sing

I LOVE a good karaoke spot and would always trek up North to get my fix.  That is until recently…I’ve discovered a few places on the South and West sides that have started hosting karaoke nights.  You honestly have an option pretty much every day of the week should you feel the need to belt out the lyrics of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ or Prince’s Nasty Girl.  If you love karaoke too but have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a breakdown of some of my favorite karaoke spots:

Brando’s Speakeasy – Downtown Chicago

Brando’s is known for its AMAZING karaoke system (with over 250,000 songs to choose from), helpful and friendly staff, and awesome amateur singers who frequent the mic…it’s like the “Cheers” of karaoke bars with tons of regulars hitting this spot.  Karaoke is scheduled for a 7pm start Wednesdays – Saturdays, but is available “On Demand” 7 days a week.  If that’s not enough to make you like Brando’s, their diverse crowd and music selection will pull you in.

SL Sports Lounge – South Loop

Looking for some company and/or competition on stage?  Try the SL Sports Lounge.  Nestled inside the South Loop Hotel at 2600 S. State Street, the SL Sports Lounge is a fun getaway if you’re looking for something to do on a random Tuesday night.  Now, the layout is a bit awkward and the service is sub-par BUT there are always plenty of food and drink specials that allow me to stand by this pick.  The best part about karaoke at SL is host DJ Phil…you can tell he really enjoys his job.  DJ Phil will  get up and sing in a heartbeat and even has a YouTube channel that plays snippets of the best (and worst) karaoke singers each week.  You can find DJ Phil at SL Lounge on Tuesday and Friday nights from 7:30pm to midnight.  If you need a good laugh, click here and fast forward to 5:20.

Bar 10 Doors – UIC

This is one of my favorite places to do karaoke.  It’s led by the self proclaimed “Kings of Karaoke” Craig Elliot and Kevin who have a motto that I fully embrace: “the more you drink the better we sound.”  The Kings definitely do their thing and make it a fun night, but the participants take it to another level and turn this Wednesday night spot into a karaoke party!  Notice, that I use the word “party” for Bar 10 Doors karaoke because that’s what it really is…a PARTY!  On one side of the bar you have people enjoying food, drinks and singing their fave tunes; while on the other, a DJ is getting the dance floor jumping.

Our honorable mention karaoke spots:

Ms. Ann’s Pad – 4701 W Harrison St – West Garfield Park

Bar Louie – 47 S Polk Street – Dearborn Park/Printer’s Row/South Loop

Uncle Joe’s – 4755 S. King Drive – Bronzeville



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