A Hair-raising Segment

#NaturalHair.  I know you’ve seen it or heard about it on TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… some of everywhere!  Without a doubt, “going natural” (aka freeing your hair of the harsh chemicals found in relaxers, texturizers, and the like) is what’s in right now.

Now, “going natural” is definitely not for everyone.  You have to be 100% committed to what can be a long and grueling process that, at some point, you’ll certainly question why you even started to begin with.  BUT for those who are thinking about taking the plunge or have already done so, Chicago2Guide wants to share a little something to help you on your journey…

Chicago’s ABC 7 News wrapped up Black History Month with a  segment about natural hair care for black women.  It piqued our interest here at Chicago2Guide because some of the writers and contributors have #naturalhair and actually use some of the products mentioned.  Nadra Smiley-Martin, the founder of Amazon Natural Essentials and the segment’s expert, gave a some really good advice about selecting hair care products for any type of hair and also shared some of her favorite products to use (listed below).

Take a moment to watch the piece on ABC 7, then we want to here from YOU!  Share what are your go-to hair care products with us, how you like to use them and whatever else you think is good to know.

Products mentioned in the segment: Jane Carter Solution, Camille Rose, Evolving Textures, Shea Moisture.


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