The city has a plethora of fitness facilities that everyone from gym rats on down to the “New Year New You” newbies can choose from but many offer the same old fitness options: yoga, Pilates, spinning, aerobics, blah, blah, blahblahblah.  Now, don’t get me wrong, all of those classes get the job done, but they can get pretty monotonous after a while.  That’s exactly how I felt, BORED, until I found Lacuna Fitness.  Lacuna’s space is open, modern and chock full of new training options, perfect for athletes and semi-athletes (like me).

I first visited Lacuna Fitness solely for MTV and NBC 5 Fitness Couch Saran Dunmore’s POUND class.  My first experience with Lacuna was off to a good start when extremely friendly and helpful trainer (whose name is escaping me at the moment) greeted me and directed me to my final destination.  On my way, I ended up running into quite a few trainers that I’ve met out and about in the city which made me realize that Lacuna is truly a trainer’s training facility.  Please DON’T let that last comment scare you…I’m by no stretch of the imagination a personal trainer, so I find the wealth of knowledge available comforting and (again) very helpful, especially for those who are getting back on the wagon (or on it for the first time).

Now about the POUND class: it was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had doing 45 minutes of full-out cardio!  We used drum sticks called “rip stix” to make beats and rhythms while moving our bodies, working every muscle in them.  Oh, and the music…you could feel it in your heart.  That coupled with Saran’s positive, high energy motivates you to keep on POUND-ing it out.  You can lose up to 700-900 calories ONE session…that’s insane for 45 minutes of cardio! Try doing that on a treadmill.  Now, you will feel every bit of it the next day, but that’s just the sign of a good workout if you ask me.

If you missed this month’s POUND Fitness Party, check out next month’s special POUND Fitness Party for yourself  Thursday, February 28th at 7pm at Lacuna Fitness.  It’s just $20 a class, a small price to pay for your health and wellness, plus it’ll be Saran’s birthday!

To RSVP for a POUND class or get more info about them as well as the special POUND Fitness Parties visit http://www.sarandunmore.com.



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