An UnBalanced Spa Day…

I love a good spa day and a good massage is at the top of my list of “must have” services. Recently, I got a deep tissue massage at Balance Spa and Fitness at the Palmer House Hilton, thanks to a ever so handy Groupon deal.  My masseuse was very thorough, tending to all of my sore spots.  He really got it in good for the full hour.

That said, I like to at least have the option of continuing my relaxing experience post massage, and Balance Spa wasn’t having it.  Now, I am a massage connoisseur and have tried several upscale spas in Chicago, so even though I got a good hour-long deep tissue massage at Balance Spa, my favorite overall spa experience is still at Mario Tricoci.

Mario Tricoci doesn’t just kick you out like club bouncers at the end of the night once you’ve received your services.  Mario lets you relax in the steam room, take a rainfall shower and/or go to the quiet room and lay on the chaise lounges while you continue to unwind…or talk with your best friend, like I do :).  It is always money well spent and is actually less expensive than the Balance Spa!  They even have a discount program for massages, which is a good deal if you get them often.  Next time you need to get the kinks out and feel like treating yourself, check out Mario Tricoci.



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