Lite Up Your Life

Anyone who’s a fan of Hyde Park knows that it’s going through a resurgence.  I’m not saying that HP ever lost it’s sexy, but once the Border’s and Dixie Kitchen closed, you were a lot less likely to find me there…that is until now.  HP has some exciting things brewing, like a new hotel and movie theater in Harper’s Court, and some that have already left the pot.  Namely, a new Akira that set up shop in the old Borders building (a little bittersweet) and, what I’m most excited about, the new Litehouse Whole Food Grill!   It’s one of my fave places to eat and has a super cool concept.  Litehouse serves all-natural, organic, fresh food fast and has something for everyone: vegans, vegetarians and meatarians can all dine together in perfect harmony because they cook on separate grills!

Nestled on 53rd street between Dorchester and Kimbark (right in the middle of HP’s restaurant mecca),  Litehouse’s bright and vibrant store front definitely makes a statement and allows it to stand out among the many surrounding options.  I dined there recently after my POUND class with Saran Dunmore at Lacuna Fitness and felt great about it because I could have a full, healthy meal guilt-free.  I indulged in the turkey tacos with lemonade to wash it down while my meatarian friend Anthony opted for the Victorious Veggie wrap.  Litehouse definitely sticks to its motto…everything tasted super fresh.  My only gripe was that the lemonade was a tad too tart, but nothing a spot of honey couldn’t fix.

I’ve heard rumors about a Litehouse Grand Opening happening sometime soon, so check back here for updates on that.  In the meantime,  “Like” them on Facebook and, more importantly, GO TRY IT OUT!  Trust, your taste buds and tummy will not be disappointed.


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