Holi-day Sounds

Shrine (n) – a holy or sacred place, dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, daemon or similar figure of awe and respect, at which they are venerated or worshiped.

The Shrine, located in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood (2109 S. Wabash), definitely lives up to its name…even if it’s not in a holy way.  The only thing being worshiped inside these walls is the one thing that everyone in the world loves…MUSIC!  From artists like Aniba Hotep to Yazirah, The Shrine is like a watering hole for artists that you’ll rarely hear on mainstream radio, but nonetheless have strong, loyal followings.

The venue is actually split into two sides: The Shrine, the larger of the two spaces and performance area, and Coup d’tate a cozy lounge space that opens onto the main performance area.  As soon as you enter the doors, you’re drawn in by bright, luminescent artwork and posters from concerts past that line the long, dark wood-paneled walls leading back to a dimly lit musical abyss.  Unlike many of its north side counterparts (i.e. Park West, Double Door, The Vic, etc), The Shrine serves as a live music venue, nightclub and lounge all under one roof on the south side.

This past Friday I enjoyed a high energy performance by CL Smooth and Pete Rock followed by a soul infused Kindred and Jill Scott set the following night.  This month The Shrine is hosting a cornucopia of live music events just in time for the holidays and we at Chicago2Guide want to make sure your face is in the place!   Click here to buy tickets for any of the performances below and make sure you use the code “Go2Girls” or “Go2GirlsVIP” at check out.

If you’re looking for New Year’s Eve plans, come out and join us at The Shrine and bring in the new year with beautiful people while you enjoy a live performance by Teedra Moses.  E-mail info@chicago2girls.com for more info.

Shrine Schedule


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