#Trapped in the Closet with Kells Again…

Remember way back in 2005 when R. Kelly released the ground-breaking Trapped in the Closet series?  I mean, it was serious…movie theater premieres and DVD releases all for a “song”.  Only R. Kelly, right?!  Well, you may have already heard, he is set to release TWENTY new chapters of the classic hip hopera.  I found the perfect way for you to freshen up on the first 22, and no, it’s not YouTube (though I have included a video below for your viewing pleasure).

The Music Box Theater has a treat for all the true Kells fans out there…R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closest Sing-a-Long!  For just $12 you can bring to life the on-screen magic at the Music Box Theater.  So, grab your friends, buy your tickets and get to singing and dancing (with props) to all 22 chapters.


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