Tuesday is perhaps the most forgotten day of the week, but don’t fret my pets…I have a little somethin’ somethin’ that will spice them up for you: Taco & Tequila Tuesdays at Swagger!  Now, I’m sure you’re thinking where is this place?  Swagger is nestled right between the Bronzeville and Hyde Park neighborhoods, a mere 300ft from the 47th Street Green line stop.  While I am a proud card-carrying member of the CTA,  I do like to drive (or ride) sometimes so I’m happy to report that parking is relatively easy too.

Now the surrounding area may look a bit sketchy, but once you walk through the doors your worries will fade away.  Swagger truly is a diamond in the rough with its sleek, modern decor that almost looks like a someone’s newly renovated home turned club/restaurant and a peaceful Japanese garden-style patio in back.  They have 3 full bars and a kitchen with moderately priced items, and the staff  is fairly accommodating.  What’s even better is there is NO COVER, which is almost a requirement for me when I go out!  Oh…did I mention they have TVs in their bathrooms?!  Fancy, huh!

I must admit the floor plan is a little strange, but it’s still a really nice space.  I like to call it the “around-the-way girl” of clubs/lounges.    You know what LL says in the song, “…..Around the way you’re like a neighborhood jewel…All the home boys sweat you so you’re crazy cool…While the businessmen in suits be hawking you…”  Other than the fact I would never walk to this club alone at night by myself (I did say the area was a little sketch), Swagger has my stamp of approval.


P.S. Hurry and go visit before the outdoor area is shut down for the winter.


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