Kickin’ it for Monday Night Football

Being an avid football fan, I’m always looking  for a good place to watch the game Monday after a long day’s work.  While there are many places to check out in the city, my favorite  is Monday Night Football  & Martinis at Tantrum in the South Loop (1023 S. State Street).

Why you ask?  First and foremost, the Martini’s are $5!  If that doesn’t get you in the door, maybe the music will…there’s always a DJ spinning during commercials and at halftime.  Last (but certainly not least) there is usually some delicious eye candy for the ladies and fellas alike.  The only downside is that Tantrum doesn’t have a kitchen :(, BUT you can get delivery from any of the many restaurants in the area.  So it’s a win-win situation.

Oh…did I mention it’s FREE?  That’s right; there is NO cover charge!  I know where I’ll be for Monday Night Football.


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