The Grooviest Show on Earth

It’s that time of year again–no I’m not talking about the inevitable return of “the hawk”, though it’s about that time too–I’m talking about the return of the UniverSoul Circus!  That’s right!  Today through October 14th, The Grooviest Show on Earth returns to Washington Park.

It doesn’t matter how old I get,  I grab my god sons, nieces, nephews…really whatever young person I can find (I don’t have kids myself if you haven’t already guessed) and use them as an excuse to act like a big kid at the circus.  I seriously think I have more fun then they do, but with unusual acts and music you won’t see at the regular circus, the UniverSoul Circus is a funky good time no matter your age.  I know every year I look forward to seeing my favorite “little” sidekick Zeke along with whatever new routines and attraction they’ve cooked up.

UniverSoul definitely keeps the show fresh and new every year…well except for the elephants.  They seem to make a big stankin’ @$$ mess in that tent every year (ugh).  The one thing I don’t understand is why the Circus chooses to come to Chicago just in time to meet “the hawk”–if you’ve never experienced it trust and believe it gets real in the streets–but tour warm weather regions in the spring and summer!!  Texas in August then Chicago late September/October…really?!  I mean, it would be nice to just once not have to bundle up the kiddies and race across windy Washington Park  to go to the circus…I’m just saying.

UniverSoul Circus takes place in Washington Park Sept 19th through October 14th. Check out Ticketmaster today for a great $15 deal on tickets.


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