Looks Like It’s Beauty Bar This Weekend…

I love bars with great aesthetics and great staff which is why I frequent Beauty Bar in Noble Square.  Now if you’ve never been to Beauty Bar, it kinda has an odd vibe with its hairdryers and glittery wall decor and the option of martinis and manicures…in the club.  BUT the bartenders are wonderful and the drinks are reasonably priced.  So CHEERS to that!

Tonight at Beauty Bar is the monthly First Fridays celebration…I know you’re thinking “Isn’t it the second Friday?” but just go with it.  Moving on…Mark “Fullaflava” Fuller will be on the ones & twos, and he always brings it, keeping you sweating it out on the dance floor!  Plus there tends to be a good, attractive and mature crowd that comes out for his parties.

Beauty Bar hosts several monthly and weekly events that yours truly attends (of course ;)), so definitely check back here for the lowdown on those.  This week the bar is giving you a twofer.  If you are too tired to motivate after work to get out and party with Mark (and me) tonight,  there’s always Saturday’s Prince vs Michael Jackson party which I know will be a barrel of fun…I mean it’s Prince AND Michael!

Stay tuned each week for more Beauty Bar events as well as other club & bar events around CHI city.



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